Legal Industry Marketing - Fact Sheet - Best SEO and Websites for Law Firms - Marketing and New Business Development for The Legal Industry
If I have a personal injury case today, how do I find you?

If I have a commercial litigation case today, how do I find you?

If a major player in the entertainment industry has a case about privacy rights and you are an expert, where do they find you?

If you are an attorney for small businesses, where do they find you?

If a major bank needs an outside law firm to support them in a major case, where do they find you? is helping law firms to be at the right place at the right time when potential clients need legal advice. We use a common sense approach and not based on past number crunching, but on present and future developments in the marketplace.

We are not promising you to get all or the most of the legal disputes, but from the millions in legal disputes every year, with billions of dollars attached to it,  how would you feel if you could win the business of just a fraction of them? What impact would that have on your bottom line?

The Legal Industry is a very competitive marketplace. Not only since the beginning of the financial crisis have law firms adjusted their marketing and business development efforts. Law firms and their attorneys are usually very well connected and rely heavily on referrals in developing new business. With an increasing number of firms looking to bid for new cases, business development and marketing today has a completely different face.
The number of legal disputes every year is in the millions. The dollar amount attached to these cases is in the billions. This is a huge pond to fish for new business. With the changes in the business environment and the growth of the internet, new business is no longer distributed only by referral. In its origination, a growing number of cases is won, or lost, over the internet. is helping law firms to position themselves better to be in the right place at the right time and acquire more of new business opportunities.

This is not the usual approach from the consulting handbook. We will not put you in a class room or an ongoing session for marketing and business development training. Our approach is business. Your business. Focus on where you can make improvements and get results in order to increase your bottom line, quick.

Let us help you increase your new business volume by a considerable amount. All it takes is a half an hour for a demonstration on where you stand and where you could stand.

Does your phone ring often enough to grow your business volume?

How do people and corporate know you are the right firm for their case?

How do you impress in 10 seconds without sitting in front of the potential client?

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